KARACHI - The session of City Council, City District Government Karachi, on Wednesday failed to make quorum as just about 91 members out of total 245 attended the session. The presence of 117 members was required to make the quorum. The session was held with City Naib Nazim Karachi Nasreen Jalil in chair. Noting that the number of members on the house of floor was low, she ordered counting of members. She said only 91 members were present in the house. She gave time of half an hour to make the quorum. After half an hour, she announced adjournment of the meeting as there were still not sufficient members to make the quorum till 12th December 12, 2009. The treasury and opposition members, later, held separate press conferences, in which they held one another responsible for lack of quorum. . Addressing the first press conference, leader of the house Asif Siddiqui mentioned that all sort of work in 134 union councils had been suspended for more than a month because the Sindh Government, through a notification on 28th October 2009, called back Non SCUG secretaries from the council and no replacement was provided for them. All the authorities were also withdrawn, whereas, bank accounts of union councils were also frozen, he added. Regarding the lack of quorum, he said the treasury members were present, but many opposition members did not attend the session. It is essential for UC secretaries to sign the cheques, birth, death, marriage and other certificates. No developmental work can be carried out in UCs without them and people are deprived of their basic right of getting such certificates, which is violation of the constitution, he observed. Investigation can be carried out into any reported malpractice, he said, but, stopping funds of UCs is against the interest of the people. To a question, he said that the issue was raised on different forums, but no action was taken as yet to resolve it. City Naib Nazim Nasreen Jalil also met Local Government Minister Agha Siraj Durrani, who assured her of resolving the matter in a couple of days, however, the situation is still same. He asserted that the decision was taken by the government without any proper planning and homework. We want to make the leadership to realize that this issue is also important, he said adding peaceful and democratic approach is needed to get resolved any issue. He along with another member Abdul Jalil demanded of the Sindh Government to take notice of the matter and revive the situation as it was before 28th October, 2009. He praised performance of all UC Nazims during Eid-u-Azha regarding disposing offal and maintaining cleanliness in their respective areas. Later, speaking at a separate press conference, leader of Al-Khidmat Panel Rafique Ahmed threw light on incidents of snatching hides of sacrificial animal and threatening people during Eid-ul-Azha. He further mentioned that armed hooligans held former MPA Younus Barai hostage on gunpoint for more than two hours on the first day of Eid in Gulistan-e-Jauhar area. On the third day of Eid, some armed men again tried to kidnap him and upon resistance they shot four bullets at him, he added. He was of the view that the whole city was held hostage by certain elements whereas law enforcement agencies were playing role of silent spectators. He said that snatching hides is an insult to the holy ritual of sacrifice. It is the responsibility of the government to take notice of such events and maintain proper law and order situation in the city so that the economic hub of the country could gain prosperity and generate more revenue, he said. Ramzan Awan said that around 19 incidents of snatching of hides were reported by different parties in district South alone. Regarding the lack of quorum, he said it was the responsibility of treasury members to make the quorum, adding for the lack of quorum the opposition benches could not be blamed. Jumman Darwan of Awan Dost Panel strongly condemned attack on Younus Barai and said that case was registered and investigation was underway. He said that rights of poor should be given to them and hides should not be snatched at gunpoint as the money that is generated from selling them is used for the welfare of poor and needy people. He hoped that the issue of UC secretaries would be resolved within one week. Criticising a TV anchor, he said that certain elements were trying to challenge the cultural traditions of the province. He strongly condemned the TV anchor for targeting President Zardari, adding this criticism in unethical. He was of the view that due biased approach of certain elements fingers would be raised towards media. He demanded of Dr Shahid Masood to apologize for criticizing Sindhi cap. Naseem Khan condemned attack on former MPA Younus Barai and suggested that government should establish a proper mechanism to control snatching of hides at gunpoint. He further said that a learned and matured scholar should not unnecessarily criticise Sindhs culture. Mir Ismail while condemning attack of Yonous Barai said that such events should not occur in the city, adding the PPP is with Jamaat-e-Islami on this matter. Shamim Mumtaz was of the view that foreign forces are working against Pakistan and these elements are using certain TV anchor to destroy peace in Pakistan. She was of the view that when certain interests of some people were not fulfilled, they started to criticise President Zardaris personality in the name of free media. Unity among people is required to maintain stability in the country, she added.