KARACHI The Pakistan Billiards and Snooker Association ignored standard operating procedure of security when it voluntarily decided to avoid hosting the Asian under-21 Snooker Championship on security grounds without taking the government sports officials into confidence. The PBSA decision would only damage Pakistan efforts to show to the world that the country is safe and secure for international sports competition. The decision, taken by the officials of the PBSA recently, may also seriously jeopardise Pakistans chances of hosting Shaheed Benazir Bhutto International Boxing Tournament in Karachi in January and torpedo efforts of various national federations to end Pakistans sports isolation by trying to host international events in the country. Under the SOP, only the government has the right to allow a national federation to bid for international events or advise them to cancel the bid if it feels that the situation was not right to hold such an event. Under the rules, intimating foreign and interior ministry via the federal sports ministry after the bid is accepted and their permission to host the event is necessary. The other authority, which could accept and withdraw the hosting rights of an international event, is the world parent body of the sport. This body is made to asses the financial and other aspects before giving go ahead signal. This body also has the authority to withdraw the hosting rights if it feels that situation is not conducive or when the participating teams refused to travel to the country where the event is to take place. The bidder can also withdraw the bid if it feels that it has no sufficient funds or for some other reasons including the security fears. Recently, the International Tennis Federation shifted Davis Cup tie of Pakistan to Philippines when that nation informed the parent body about its reservations to travel to Pakistan. The International Cricket Council also took the same stance when it shifted the cricket champions trophy to South Africa and shifted the co-hosting rights of Pakistan for the 2011 cricket world cup. Both the PTF and the PCB had strong reservations on shifting the events. The PBSA has ignored the laid-down procedure and arbitrarily withdrew its offer to host the Asian Snooker which was sat to be staged four months now some time in April. President of the PBSA Alamgir Shaikh, who was in Hyderabad (India) for some personal reason, had to come back home early to attend the annual general body of the IBSF in which the PBSA decided to withdraw its offer to host the event which has now been allotted to Indian city of Indore. The IBSF meeting was held at Hyderabad (India) on the sideline of the world amateur snooker championship. Former president of the PBSA Asghar Valika attended the meeting and on behalf of the PBSA, he informed the IBSF general council about Pakistans inability to host the event due to prevailing security fears. When the PBSA had approached the world body with the offer some months ago the security situation was even worse. It is pertinent to recall that when Pakistan made the bid to host the cricket world cup first time outside England, the then BCCP president air marshal Nur Khan and his secretary Arif Ali Khan Abbasi had taken NOC from the then president general Zia-ul-Haq before approaching the ICC. Recently, Pakistan Boxing Federation president Doda Khan Bhutto while approaching the AIBA with the request to host Shaheed Benazir Bhutto international boxing in Karachi had taken permission from relevant quarters. He had personally met the president of the AIBA in Milan on the side line of world boxing for his support. The AIBA president while accepting the request had told the PBF president that he would also request interested teams to travel to Pakistan to play there. The PBF had informed the AIBA president that the event would be held at Export Promotion centre which is secure place and had assured the foolproof security there. The PBSA officials, it seems, had not done their homework while bidding for the event or while withdrawing the bid after it was sanctioned to Pakistan. The announcement about withdrawing the bid should have come officially from the federal sports minister or the PSB because only these two would have been responsible for arranging visas for the visiting players and for providing some funds to host the event. The drama of security concerns has been used as an escape goat by the PBSA which would have needed huge funds to host the event. The PBSA has already been asking funds even for sending teams aboard and for hosting the Asian event it would have needed huge funds. Only federal sports ministry or Pakistan Sports Trust which came to the rescue the PBSA in the past could have provided the funds and security to the event. But with current financial crunch, both the bodies could not have helped the PBSA which took a convenient escape route to make its exit respectable.