GENEVA (AFP/Reuters) - Parliament on Wednesday elected Economy Minister Doris Leuthard as Switzerlands head of state for 2010, marking the first time that women will head all three main arms of the federal government. The largely honorific presidency, which carries a representational function abroad, is rotated annually among the seven cabinet ministers in the Federal Council. Leuthard obtained 158 votes out of 183 valid ballots cast by the Federal Assembly, the Swiss parliament said on its website. It marks the first time that the three leading federal institutions in Switzerland will be led by women, after women were elected as presidents (speakers) of the two parliamentary chambers last month. Leuthard, 46, a Christian Democrat, succeeds Finance Minister Hans-Rudolf Merz, who has been at the forefront of a diplomatic stand-off with Libya this year. While, Switzerland, where women could not vote in national elections until 1971, will have female politicians in the countrys top political jobs next year for the first time. In the conservative rural canton of Appenzell Innerrhoden, women only won the right to vote in local elections in 1990 under pressure from a national court. Women now represent nearly 30 percent of parliamentarians in the two chambers, according to the Swiss statistical office. Equality between men and women became a constitutional right in 1981 in Switzerland but a federal law banning discrimination in the workplace only came into force in 1996.