LAHORE - Hope Rehabilitation Society President Dr Khalid Niazi on Thursday said that during the year more than 5,000 disabled persons visited them for help who were provided artificial body parts. Addressing a ceremony regarding International Day of the Disabled, he said out of 5,000, 600 were provided artificial limbs whereas others received braces for paralysed legs, back bone injuries, arms and club feet. Majority of the artificial limbs recipients were poor amputees who got free of cost limbs through donations. Dr Khalid expressed his concern over the increasing number of women who lost their hands in the incidents of fodder cutting machines in the rural areas. He said there were no safety devices about handling the fodder cutting machines in the country and due to this negligence a large number of young girls had been losing their hands. He stressed upon the government and the NGOs to mobilise their efforts for the enactment of proper laws regarding the safe operation of the fodder cutting machines.