ISLAMABAD - While the cabinet has approved for devolution of Ministry of Zakat and Ushr to provinces, Auditor General of Pakistan (AGP) has unearthed irregularities in the ministry including irregular release of education stipend, grant of marriage assistance without application form, non-reconciliation of Zakat fund and others. According to the one of observed cases regarding release of social welfare rehabilitation grant, it was noticed in the audit report 2009-10 that marriage assistance was made without obtaining application forms thus the amount of Rs 305,00 spent in the programme was termed irregular. The audit report on the accounts of Islamabad Zakat and Ushr Committee, made available to TheNation, observed that section 14 (2) of the Auditor Generals Ordinance, 2001 provides, The officer in charge of any office or department shall afford all facilities and provide record for audit for inspection. Audit pointed out the irregularity, however, in DAC meeting it was replied that efforts were being made to collect requisite record. In case of irregular release of education stipend, it was observed that the money was spent without request of the applicant. The audit report said that unspent balances would be refunded. However, in DAC meeting it was replied that after completion of reconciliation process the balance would be refunded. It may be mentioned that the DAC asked for early refund but no progress was reported till the finalisation of report. In case of disbursement of Social Welfare/Rehabilitation grant, amount of Rs 130,000 was paid in violation of provision and it was excessive amount against the prescribed rule. The audit report also observed the selection of non-qualified chairman of 36 Local Zakat Committees. Islamabad Zakat and Ushr Committee (IZUC) constituted 36 Local Zakat Council (LZCs) whose chairman did not possess secondary school certificate, to be chairman of the Local Zakat Committee. The audit also observed that Islamabad Zakat and Ushr Committee (IZUC) approved 47 cases of marriage assistance only by LZC names. Finding ambiguity regarding payment to the real beneficiary and also risk of misappropriation the payment of 470,000 was held irregular, said report. It may be mentioned here that Zakat system was introduced in the country through Zakat and Ushr Ordinance, 1980. Zakat collected on voluntary basis and deduced on compulsory basis by the financial and other institutions is kept in the Central Zakat Fund, which is managed by the Central Zakat Council.