ISLAMABAD (AFP) - US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Asif Ali Zardari played down leaked US embassy cables exposing tensions between their nations as out-of-context in a telephone conversation Thursday, a Pakistani official said. The two leaders agreed that the WikiLeak publications were not only unauthorised but also out of context and were based on raw information that did not reflect the correct nature of the purported official correspondence. Moving quickly to patch up any suggestion of a diplomatic fall-out from the leaks Clinton and Zardari spoke about the so-called memos and official correspondence by the Wikileaks, presidential spokesman Farhatullah Babar said in a statement. The cables, obtained by whistleblower website WikiLeaks and reported by The New York Times and The Guardian, laid bare divisions between the US and Pakistan on nuclear arms safety. Pakistan dismissed fears that its nuclear weapons could fall into the hands of terrorists, issuing a terse statement on Wednesday accusing the US and Britain of condescension.