Canada's Ambassador to Afghanistan, William Crosbie, has offered to resign following the leak of U.S. diplomatic cables that threaten bilateral relations between his country and Afghanistan. According to the Globe, Crosbie has warned Ottawa that a U.S. document to be published on the website WikiLeaks will include criticisms he made about Afghan President Hamid Karzai and his powerful family at a meeting with other diplomats, and that this could require him to be replaced. He noted fears that the WikiLeaks saga could push Karzai to break with Western allies. "My words about Karzai and the influence of his family may attract attention, and they will be damaging for our relations with him and his government if they do so," Mr. Crosbie wrote in a diplomatic note to Ottawa, a copy of which was obtained by The Globe and Mail and at least one other news organization. He added: "Much depends on how Karzai reacts to the WikiLeaks. Will they cause him to take steps that will be unacceptable for our ongoing support? There are several critical decision points in the coming weeks." The memo is the first indication that leaks of thousands of U.S. diplomatic cables could harm Canada's interests abroad more than its relationship with the United States.