PESHAWAR In an effort to expand production of home grown edible oil in the region, a ceremony was held under the Area Development Project of the FATA Secretariat wherein canola seeds, inorganic fertilizers and pesticides along with spray pumps were distributed among the flood-affected farmers hailing from FR Peshawar region. According to details shared by the Directorate of Information FATA here Thursday, the initiative was a part of FATA Secretariats special package and incentive plan for the flood affectees which would proactively campaign for sowing a particular crop in proper time so that the farmers could generate maximum output and revenue from their harvest. A significant aspect of harnessing canola is that it does not require specialised training for wheat growing farmers in the flood-affected croplands, said Agriculture Officer for FR Peshawar, Shakir Ullah Khan Marwat, while addressing the ceremony, adding that its cultivation was easy and required no sophisticated methods. In an attempt to revive the agriculture sector, which is badly hit by the recent floods, the Government has announced a national level canola sowing policy under which new avenues will be explored for economical cultivation of canola in order to patronise its cultivation at a vast scale. This is a great opportunity to revitalise the livelihood, income and welfare of not only the farmers but also those who will be indirectly engaged in production. Tahir Khan Orakzai, Director Agriculture of the Area Development Project, on the occasion announced the establishment of a state-of-the-art model Farm Services Centre in FR Peshawar for which necessary arrangements have been made. Elaborating on its objectives and functions, Tahir Orakzai said, the Farm Services Centre will run on self-managed basis by elected boards with a local representation to ensure strong community participation and delegation of decision-making authority. For better coordination between the Government and community, Agriculture Officer would be appointed by the FATA Secretariat to provide Secretariat level support at the modern farm facilitation centre. All these measures in the agriculture sector, which is the backbone of the tribal economy, will benefit the farming community by casting positive shadows on local social and economic conditions, said Tahir Orakzai.