Dr A. H. Khayal The masses are lamenting that corruption is rampant in the country. A minister has rejected the lamentation by asserting that there is corruption in every country. The minister is absolutely right. Indeed, there is corruption all over the globe. But the degree of corruption varies from country to country. With regard to corruption, there are three categories of countries. There are some countries where corruption exists in a small degree. There are countries where corruption exists in a somewhat higher than a small degree. And there are countries where corruption is active on a gigantic scale. Unfortunately, we belong to the third category. A corruption-competition seems to be in full swing amongst the third category countries. Each country seems to be spending all its energies to win the trophy. We have the Richter-scale for measuring the intensity of an earthquake. But unfortunately, we dont have a corruption-scale for measuring the intensity of corruption in a particular country. If we did have such a scale and we did read it to know the intensity of corruption in Pakistan, we might lose our eyesight. Lets forget about corruption. Lets ask the minister: No doubt, there is corruption in every country. But is there starvation also in every country? Do some citizens keep dying of poverty in every country? Luckily, starvation is not as universal as corruption. The misery of the masses of a country is directly proportional to the degree of its corruption. The greater the corruption, the greater the misery. Corruption is a highly sophisticated art. It is an art which is the exclusive preserve of a very special class of citizens. Only a superb-class citizen can be superbly corrupt. Corruption and earthquakes have a common characteristic. Both are extremely destructive. But there is also a fundamental difference. An earthquake is a very blunt and straightforward destroyer, whereas corruption is a very crooked and crafty destroyer. The affectees of an earthquake know their destroyer. But the affectees of corruption find it very difficult to spot their exact destroyers. Because of the inability of the masses to spot their corruption destroyers, corruption gets encouraged and grows more and more corrupt. One cant help suspecting that in every corruption-ridden country, the corruption practitioners have formed a secret brotherhood of their own. Every member of the brotherhood is honour-bound to rush to help his comrade, if a comrade is in trouble. Obviously, in such circumstances it is extremely risky to try to control corruption. No wonder, corruption is one of the safest and most lucrative activities. Currently, corruption is the most flourishing industry in the country. There is something unique about this industry. You dont have to make any investment in it. You just have to learn its mysterious technology. Once you acquire command over the technology, corruption would voluntarily pour bucketfuls of wealth into your pockets. Corruption is a very loyal servant of its masters. The misery of our masses is a creation of our corruption. When a poor citizen commits suicide because of his poverty, he is not a self-killer. Actually, it is our corruption which is the real killer. When a poor father puts his kids on sale because he cant feed them, it is not the father who is the seller. Actually, it is our corruption which is the real seller. Essentially, all our national problems are a creation of our national corruption. We can kill our problems only by killing our corruption. But, as things are, we cant kill our corruption. Our corruption seems to be more powerful than our atomic weapons. Unfortunately, our corruption seems determined to grow corrupter. Consequently, the masses are destined to be more and more miserable. We are a land of just two realities: corruption and misery. All our thieves and robbers cannot jointly loot in years what our corruption can loot in a day. Our political instability has given birth to our corruption. Unfortunately, our corruption has been hitting the masses the hardest. The masses keep crying. But corruption keeps laughing. But why does corruption laugh? Corruption laughs at the ignorance of the masses. The masses dont know that they are born to be sacrificed on corruptions altar. The writer is an academic.