LAHORE - Around 600 Tarzan franchises were invited from around the country to the 2-month long conference being organised by Four Brothers Group Pakistan. The franchises were given awareness of the groups efforts, achievements and production process during their visit to plant, which is exactly in accordance to international quality standards, says a press release. On this occasion, Shahid Saleem Qureshi (Group Director Projects and Admin) said that all this is by the grace of Almighty Allah and untiring efforts of the team, because of which in a span of just 365 days the modern most formulation plant of Pakistan is playing an important role in the agricultural development of the country. Furthermore, he added that there is huge capacity of EC and SL, 43 million liters, SC 5.4 million liters, WDG & WP 1.8 million kg. Micro-nutrients 21 million kg/ltr and granules 15 million kg at Four Brothers plant. Owner of all the Tarzan Centers congratulated the entire team of Four Brothers Group. Mohammad Asif Shaheen from Rahimyar Khan said that he has visited a number of plants of different groups, but at Four Brothers plant it feels that the most modernized lab is established along with high quality product quality processing, giving all the plant workers a fresh and healthy working environment. He also said that this effort of the group is a real asset for the country. Shafiq Cheema from Sialkot added that 'Four Brothers team deserves felicitations on generating such a modern and scientific plant for the first time in history of Pakistan. Bhagat Garam from Larkana said that after visiting Four Brothers plant it seems that their investment is in very expert, safe, hardworking and seasoned hands, who are getting the best output out of it. Saeed Ahmed from Khanewal also said that the day is not that far when Four Brothers Group will get extremely stronger in the country but will also be a renowned name abroad as well. Dr Khalid Hameed (CEO Agro Division) said that this plant is being built for Four Brothers Tarzan Center family members and everyone should be proud of this effort. The Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani awarded Fastest Growing Company of the Year 2010 award and gold medal under the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry to Four Brothers Group Pakistan.