It was shocking to read a news item in the print media regarding one of our national heroes who won laurels for the country by winning a silver medal in the 1958 Asian Games and a bronze medal in the 1962 games. It has been learnt that the eighty-year-old man has been earning a living for the last ten years by driving a rickshaw How appalling The head of every Pakistani national should hang in shame for the treatment extended to a national hero. How insensitive has the Pakistani society become that the great man who has etched the countrys name in the annals of history has been forgotten by the nation and is leading a hard life trying to make ends meet. The government, media and civil society should ensure that sportspersons who have won accolades are given due respect in society and not left in the lurch because otherwise young people will not opt for sports as a profession. Consequently, Pakistan will not have any young sportsmen who would want to carry the national flag and bring glory to the country. ZAINAB IHSAN, Lahore, November 2.