BAGHDAD (AFP) - Iraqi security forces arrested 39 suspected Al-Qaeda members in the mostly Sunni western province of Anbar and soldiers nabbed a Moroccan fighter in the north of the country, officials said Thursday. The more than three dozen alleged insurgents, who apparently also invited foreign fighters into Iraq, were paraded in a televised news conference attended by Interior Minister Jawad Bolani and several generals. Security forces arrested 39 Al-Qaeda members who run terrorist operations in Anbar and also support other criminal operations in Baghdad, and who also tried to invite foreign Al-Qaeda fighters to Iraq, Bolani said. He hailed the arrests as a major achievement, indicating Iraqs security forces are improving, adding that the rate of attacks in Iraq had declined tenfold in the past two months. Neither Bolani nor any of the Iraqi generals present detailed any operations the group were plotting, whether any munitions or equipment were seized, or when the raids that led to the arrests were conducted. Major General Dhia Hussein, one of the senior officers present, said the raids were conducted based on intelligence obtained from other Al-Qaeda fighters who had previously been detained. Among those arrested were Hazim al-Azzawi, a minister in the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI), Al-Qaedas front group, Ahmed Hussein Ali, ISIs Mufti of Anbar, and Abdul Razzaq, the organisations media chief, Hussein said. According to state broadcaster Al-Iraqiya, Iraqi special forces also arrested Salem Sarfeej, the ISIs chief for southwest Baghdad. Also early Thursday, two insurgents were killed and two others were wounded in an Iraqi army raid in the northern province of Salaheddin, defence ministry spokesman Major General Mohammed al-Askari said. One of those wounded and now in detention is a Moroccan national, Askari said. And violence in Baghdad and the restive northern city of Mosul on Thursday left three dead, including an 18-year-old girl, and nine wounded, police said. On Saturday, the interior ministry said security forces apprehended 12 Al-Qaeda militants suspected of helping take Christians hostage in an October 31 church siege that left 44 worshippers and two priests dead.