FEROZEWALA-Chief Justice Lahore High Court Khawaja Muhammad Sharif while addressing the local Bar has said that judiciary would be considered an independent institution in the country when every citizen could get justice without discrimination. Our religion Islam has tought us to provide justice according to the conscious and keeping in heart the fear of God, he said. The Bar and Bench both are equally responsible to uphold the dignity and status of justice, he stressed. The illegal gratification and favour or approach are contrary to norms of justice, Khawaja Sharif said. The Allah Almighty has created the mankind to provide relief and justice to each other, he added. He said that the Bar and Bench should develop cordial and friendly relations to maintain the norms of justice in the society. 'After my death the books, shields and commendation certificates given to me can be used and donated, he said. The Chief Justice on this occasion handed over a cheque of Rs five lakh to the President of the bar. He also directed the DCO to provide the land to lawyers who do not have chambers.