LAHORE Medics from various representative bodies have joined hands to field a unified panel against decades tested Dr Yasmin Rashids group, enhancing interest in the coming Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) Lahore elections. The group, spearheaded by Assistant Professor Orthopedic Department Jinnah Hospital Dr Tehseen Riaz, though having reservations over election process, has decided in principle to contest poll and give a tough fight to Dr Yasmin Rashids group, contesting and winning PMA Lahore elections for the last over 20 years. The group also includes Associate Professor Dr Mumtaz Ahmed, Associate Professor General Surgery General Hospital Dr Afsar Bhatti, Vice President Medical Teachers Association Punjab Dr Hamid Awan, Lady VP PMA Lahore Dr Shabnam Tariq and Joint Secretary PMA Lahore Dr Rehana Kanwal. Brushing aside allegations levelled by Dr Tehseen Riaz and his associates, Dr Yasmin Rashid, however, foresee victory in the coming polls, saying that such groups emerged in the past but made hardly any impact in PMA elections. Vowing to participate in the PMA polls with full force, Dr Tehseen Riaz said that his companions would fail efforts of the ruling group to select a consensus body without going through the election process. A small group of doctors has made PMA a hostage. It is manipulating the process to avoid polls and facilitate selection of office bearers of choice. The group is making efforts to continue status quo and appoint doctors of own choice instead of holding free and fair elections. Membership fee has been increased from Rs 100 to Rs 500 in violation of PMA constitution. The purpose of nominating President elect PMA Punjab as election commission is to get desired results in case of any election. Dr Tehseen Riaz demanded holding PMA elections through independent and impartial election commission comprising principals of all medical colleges and senior professors, issuance of receipt to all members, display of final voter list and depositing collected fee in the PMA bank account. Talking to The Nation, Dr Yasmin Rashid said all the allegations were baseless and aimed at avoiding election process. She said that instead of making hue and cry at the present stage, the group should have taken up the matter in the executive committee meeting. She said that the money collected from new and renewal of membership was deposited in the PMA account. She said that the medical community was aware about all issues and would again repose confidence on her group in the coming PMA election. Elections for the offices of PMA Lahore president, lady vice president, male vice president, general secretary, finance secretary, lady joint secretary, male joint secretary, member executive committee (100 seats), member provincial council (65 seats) and member central council (65 seats) will be held on December 29 at the PMA House. According to the schedule being notified for the election process, nomination papers will be filed on December 14, scrutiny and decision on objections will be done on December 17 while withdrawal of nomination papers and display of final list of candidates will take place on December 26.