LAHORE The Muttahida Qaumi Movement on Thursday demanded the revival of the dissolved local body institutions till the holding of fresh elections, a responsibility entrusted to the provincial governments under the 18th Amendment. Speaking at Aiwan-i-Waqt, MQM leaders said that sufferings of the flood victims would have been relieved much easily and quickly had the LBs operational at the time. Aftkhar Akbar Randhawa, Shabbir Ahmed Qaimkhani and Izhar Ahmed Khan said the local representatives knew peoples problems better and were in a position to solve them. They said since it was not clear how long would it take the provincial governments to have fresh representatives elected, it would be better if the representatives who served their four-year term about a year ago were allowed to resume their duties till their replacements were in place. They said the MQM had set up organisations in all districts of Punjab and would put up candidates in the local elections. Answering a question about targeted killings in Karachi, Mr Randhawa said record showed that whenever the MQM leadership tried to reach out to people in other provinces, invisible elements started taking lives of innocent people. These elements, he said, did not want to see peace in the country. The MQM leader said the killings went up manifold after the MQMs stand against the National Reconciliation Ordinance. According to him, conspiracies were being hatched to create a Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa like situation in southern Punjab. When suggested that being coalition partner in Sindh MQM was also responsible for failure to maintain law and order in the province, Randhawa said his party was only a small part of the government. He denied the impression that the MQM was opposed to the Pakhtuns in Karachi. Had it been so, the MQM would not have employed a large number of Pakhtuns for various duties in the organisation, he argued. In response to a question, he said, the MQM leadership was holding meetings with ulemas of various schools of thought to maintain peace in Karachi during Muharram.