Russian Premier during an interview with CNN said Nato's presence in Afghanistan cannot by compared to Soviet presence Vladimir Putin, Russian Prime Minister said he hoped international community's efforts come up with a positive result. During the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan in 1980s, Russia failed to have any significant achievements in the country. "Just as our presence in Afghanistan cannot be compared to Vietnam, the American and international presence in Afghanistan today cannot be compared to Russia's presence there back in the 1980s," Putin said. "I believe the international coalition in Afghanistan is fulfilling an important and positive mission today," he said during the interview with CNN. "We render assistance to American partners and other partners from the international coalition in Afghanistan by various methods and means," he said. "We hope these efforts will yield a positive result." He also said Moscow is not planning to send troops to Afghanistan; instead it will support efforts being made by International Community to resolve the situation in Afghanistan. "We cannot and will not contribute militarily, but we are providing some non-military assistance to our partners from the United States and other coalition countries," he said.