ISLAMABAD - Apart from facing allegations of massive corruption and bad governance, the incumbent government has also to bear its share for predecessors incompetence if not irregularities, in distribution of aid donated in 2005 for reconstruction and rehabilitation of earthquake hit areas. According to sources, the aid for the earthquake affected students given by the donor agencies in 2005 still remains unutilised and is dumped at schools in federal capital waiting for distribution even after passage of five long years since the tragedy hit northern Pakistan. Even the incumbent government which is desperately looking for flood relief and reconstruction aid, has failed to locate earthquake relief goods dumped under its nose. The relief goods for the children of the earthquake stricken areas were stored at the F. G. Junior Model School No. 24, G-9/2 Islamabad instead of distributing it among the deserving ones. The goods include school bags for about 7000 children, tents, stationery, and related educational material including some other stuff. USAID and other international donor agencies had provided the goods and educational material to the Federal Directorate of Education for its further distribution. It has been learnt that director training and coordination oversee all such matters and coordinate with the donor agencies. Rafique Tahir was then the director training and coordination when the aid was handed over to the directorate. When contacted he said the matter was not in his knowledge and director school might have some knowledge regarding the issue. He also claimed that the schools were directly handed over the aid by USAID and other agencies. The criminal negligence on the part of high ups of the education ministry and the FDE can be gauged from the fact that after discarding the aid for five years they even did not bother to think about its use for the people of flood hit areas which could help thousands of children continue their education in tent schools. It could have been distributed in the schools in rural areas as the students of the schools situated in suburbs of the capital do not have even access to clean drinking water and mostly belong to the poor families who cant afford to purchase uniform for their children. The incumbent director coordination & administration and the spokesperson of the FDE Ashraf Nadeem when contacted said the director training has recently taken over the charge and modalities have been finalised and the directorate has been colleting the goods from other places as well which would be distributed within a week.