ISLAMABAD Pakistans legendry landscape painter and creative genius Ghulam Rasul, who was commonly known as GR, was remembered amidst the fragrance of fresh mustard fields, the shadows of green trees and the whisperings of autumn. A large crowd of his art lovers, and his contemporaries assembled here at the National Art Gallery, Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA), to refresh the personal memoir and his contribution to the Pakistans art treasure on the occasion of 'Retrospective Exhibition of GR. GRs representative work, spreading over five decades and reflecting the journey of his art, was displayed on the occasion. His 40 paintings, and an unfinished painting on the easel, books on his art, prints of his paintings, managed to create an atmosphere of gratitude and homage to the departed soul of GR after almost a year. Though he would remain with us and the generations ahead for the art of his own style he has left in the Pakistans art history. Ghulam Rasul (GR) is one of the most celebrated landscape maestros of Pakistan primarily known for his impressionistic artwork that gives message of life. But, Arjumand Faisal while speaking on the occasion classified him as neo-impressionist, and told the audience that GR also endorsed the 'classification of him. The PNCA Director General Tauqir Nasir was of the view that the artists of GR calibre are born once in centuries. GR is no more with but the fragrance of his work would remain with us till our last breath, and he would remain as a legend in our art history, he added. The PNCA, he said, would leave no stone unturned to pay tribute to the legends of the land and to pass on their treasure to the nest generations. The present exhibition is one such event, and many have been arranged and many are in the pipeline, he said. Rodolfo J. Martin-Saravia, the ambassador of Argentine, while speaking on the occasion shared with the audience his personal interaction with the artists during the last six years. I am proud of being his art lover, when go back home I would certainly tell my friends and colleagues that I have the pride to have some his paintings, said the ambassador Rodolfo. GR has been travelled to many parts of the country and around the world to observe nature and landscape to make them part of its paintings. He is mainly inspired by the autumn. In his last interview with the scribe, he said, The leaves and cloudy evenings sing mellow songs of fading life to me, the grief and sorrows of nature are more lasting then the happy moments it shares with us. Now we share his grief and sorrow but cherish the pleasantries of his memories too.