Two unfortunate incidents in Kech and Kalat districts of Balochistan have claimed eight lives, including three Frontier Constabulary personnel, reflecting the authorities continued neglect of the security situation there. As an FC contingent was patrolling Airport Road of Turbat, some militants reportedly opened indiscriminate fire at it. When the FC retaliated with fire the alleged militants took refuge in a nearby house belonging to BNP leader Ayub Gichki and refused to surrender when asked to do so. Instead they hurled hand grenades and in the resultant exchange of fire two FC men and five militants, including two sons of Mr Gichki, were killed and several others injured. In another incident in Kalat, a bomb fixed to a cycle exploded killing an FC soldier. In reaction to these killing incidents, leadership of so-called nationalist parties has called a shutter-down strike in the province. Balochistan has been in the grip of continuing insurgency for long facing serious law and order situation in urban cities and remote towns forcing the provincial authorities to deploy paramilitary forces. These insurgents are often accused of getting financial and weapons support from neighbouring Afghanistan and India. Interior Minister, Rehman Malik even claimed in camera proceedings of the joint session of Parliament, and later affirmed publicly, having documentary proofs of the foreign hands involvement. That in a way stands confirmed by WikiLeaks that have quoted President Karazai as saying that there were over 200 Baloch dissidents in Afghanistan, including Baramdakh Bugti, son of late Akbar Bugti, living comfortably in Kabul. The nationalist leaders who have given a call for strike must also keep in mind the extensive target killings of Punjabis across Balochistan. This has resulted in a large number of university professors and college lecturers to leave their jobs and return to their native places. Extra-judicial killings cannot be condoned in any form and must be condemned at all levels. And the government writ must be established failing which no society can flourish.