LAHORE - Spokesman of Pakistan Airline Pilots Association (PALPA) has said that newly-formed Safety Action Group (SAG) was not representative body of pilots and termed it an eyewash for international organisations. He was of the view that body was actually representing pilots working in management positions and they would not be able to highlight safety violations due to suppressive cultures prevailing in airline head office. Safety Action Group (SAG) has complete representation of pilots while the truth is that only management pilots, who have a history of regular and blatant violations of safety as they dont even hesitate to fly for 22 hours continuously risking the safety of aircraft and passengers, are included in the action group. Commenting on the PIAs statement, spokesman said that Pakistan International Airline (PIA) will never be able to figure out the technical errors and mistakes in the flight operations as it completely ignored the true representation of main stakeholders concerning aircraft and passenger safety, i.e. pilots and engineers, in its newly constituted Safety Action Group (SAG). He said that such statements from PIA are a proof that SAG has only been formed under pressure from global aviation regulator. However, the management should keep in mind that the international aviation regulator, International Civil Aviation Authority Organization (ICAO), cannot be fooled by a mere formality. The spokesman said pilots have exceptional importance in the foreign airlines as captains of the aircrafts. Along with engineers, they are responsible for the safety of flight operations and majority of the incidents are termed their mistakes. He said that the PIA spokesman is continuously terming the delays in Haj flights fault of Jeddah airport authorities whereas it was due to PIA mismanagement which did not reserve enough bays to operate its flights according to the schedule. The PIA spokesman has recently said that European Union has cleared all the aircrafts used by the PIA whereas the truth is that only 7 PIA airbuses have been cleared by German authorities following the ban from European Union on Pakistan Airlines. He advised PIA management to include non-management pilots and engineers in the Safety Action Group (SAG) in a bid to show that PIA is really serious in aviation safety.