QUETTA - A member of Balochistan Assembly and PPP leader Ali Madad Jattak staged a walkout from the house in protest against the killing of five people in Turbat by security forces while PPP parliamentary leader Mir Sadiq Umrani and other members of PPP also staged a walk out after the chair barred them to speak on the bomb attack on Governor Balochistans convoy. The session of Balochistan Assembly started with Deputy Speaker Matiullah Agha in the chair here on Thursday. Talking on a point of order, PPP leader Ali Madad Jattak termed Turbat incident a great conspiracy to sabotage reconciliation process started by PPP government and to harm democracy. Security forces laid a siege to the house of Ayub Gichki in Turbat and brutally martyred five innocent people in the house which is highly condemnable act, he said, adding that we thought that such acts by security forces in Balochistan were the part of conspiracy against reconciliation process in Balochistan and to destabilise democracy in the country. Jattak said that PPP wanted to solve all problems with dialogue and reconcile with disgruntled brothers but security forces were further deteriorating the situation so that reputation of PPP could be tarnished. He demanded that elements involved in conspiracies against democracy and killing innocent people should be unmasked and vowed that PPP would not tolerate such action in future. Later on PPP lawmaker Ali Madad Jattak staged a walk out from the house to express solidarity with the family members of deceased killed in Turbat. Senior Provincial Minister and leader of JUI-F Maulana Abdul Wasay on a point of order strongly condemned the remote controlled bomb attack on Governor Balochistan Nawab Zulfiqar Ali Mgasis convoy in Mangochkar, saying law and order situation of Balochistan was getting worse very fast as previously a suicide bomb attack was also carried out against JUI-F provincial Ameer Maulana Muhammad Khan Sherani. Balochistan is burning and if immediate steps were not taken to solve the problems no body from us will be saved from such kind of attacks, he remarked. JUI legislator said that mere sitting in the house and making speeches would not solve the issues rather all political and religious parties having representation in assembly or not in parliament should seriously think and evolve a strategy to normalise situation in the province. Suicide attack on Maulana Sherani, bomb attack on Nawab Magsi and target killings speak volumes of the deterioration security situation and these incidents will lead Balochistan towards more deterioration if timely steps were not taken,, he added. He said that America was trying to consolidate its presence in Balochistan which would further increase chaos in the province. Other members including Sheik Jaffar Khan of PML-Q and member of opposition benches Pir Abdul Wadir Gilani on point of orders also condemned the bomb attack on Nawab Magsis convoy. Interestingly, when PPP parliamentary leader in the house Mir Sadiq Mumrani wanted to speak about bomb attack on Governors convoy, Deputy Speaker did not allow him that infuriated him and he along with other PPP members staged a walkout from the house against what they said prejudice attitude of chair towards PPP law makers. Later addressing a press conference, Sadiq Umrani said that he wanted to condemn the bomb attack on Nawab Magsis convoy on the floor of the house but Deputy Speaker did not allow him showing his undemocratic act and biased intention. He said that attack on the convoy of Nawab Zulfiqar Magsi was against the norms and traditions of Baloch and Pashtoon culture. Nawab Magsi has always raised voice for the rights of people of Balochistan and bomb attack on his convoy is a conspiracy against democracy and Balochi customs, he added. The house also adopted a resolution demanding of the federal government for taking steps for refund of amount invested by people of Balochistan in Innovative Investment Bank (IIB). Provincial Health Minister Ainullah Shams moved the resolution. Speaking on the admissibility of his resolution, Ainullah Shams said that IIB was a sub- branch of Crescent Investment Bank (CIB) which had opened branches in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad where people hailing from Baloc-histan had made huge investment. He said that it had been learnt that the said bank had stopped payment of capital and profit of people under pretext that until and unless IIB was merged into National Bank of Pakistan amount would not be paid to the people. The Health Minister demanded of the provincial government to take up this issue with federal government and avoid people of Balochistan from this fraud. When the chair put the resolution for vote the house adopted it unanimously. Earlier, when the session of house started Maulvi Gulam Sarwar of JUI-F who has been elected from PB 15 Musakhel during by-election took oath. Deputy Speaker administered the oath.