LAHORE - Pakistan Sugar Mills Association Chairman Javed Kayani has cautioned the government that if the RGST is imposed on sugar its ex-mill price will increase by at least Rs 10 per kg which will add to the miseries of the consumers who are already groaning under the inflationary pressures. In his letter to Federal Finance Minister of the Government, PSMA has requested that sugar should be excluded from the list of items on which RGST is proposed to be levied so that its price remains at a reasonable level. He further added that all essential kitchen items are not subject to taxes in other countries. Javed Kayani argued that the incidence of sales tax is passed on the consumers and since the pockets of poor people do not allow to absorb such increase, the decisions should be taken prudently as business decisions are an essence of good governance and we should only endeavour to alleviate the problems faced by the poor strata of society. Javed Kayani is of the view that sugar prices have always been a serious concern being an essential household item and it is the duty of all stakeholders to ensure that prices do not spiral for the general public.