Torture for the purpose of extracting evidence is forbidden under clause 14, subsection 2 in the constitution of Pakistan. This is described in the following words, no person shall be subjected to torture for the purpose of extracting evidence. Yet another clause of the constitution closes this route to evidence in the following words, no person, shall, when accused of an offence, be compelled to a witness against himself. In fact section (a) of this very clause further says that no person shall be prosecuted for the same offence more than once which also in a way rules out torture at any place on way to conviction. The purpose of stating all the above constitutional provisions is that what is forbidden in constitution and still is a common practice. Having explained the law, now I would depict the reality on ground. This is what I saw in a so-called model thana of Islamabad . It was about 7 pm a few days back, the site was the back corridor of Aabpara thana. I heard screams coming out from the office of the ASI. I asked the officers about the cries and to my utter shock they replied it were only lashes, 'liters. This is gross violation of constitution of Pakistan by Islamabad police. Not only that but we have seen how common it is for the police to eliminate suspects and citizens through extra-judicial killings. Such clear violation of the constitution right in the federal capital, is a shameful act to say the least . Will this torture culture stop in the country? M. SHAIKH, Islamabad, November 2.