Powerful United States Senator John Kerry asked Pakistan Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani to present before India Pakistan's plan of action for fighting terrorism if it was "really serious" in resuming Indo-Pak dialogue, but the premier expressed concern that the public would not support the idea. Details of the meeting between Kerry, chairman of the US senate foreign relations committee, and Gilani on February 16 have been communicated in a confidential cable from the US embassy in Islamabad, which was leaked by WikiLeaks. During the meeting, Kerry said that in light of the February 13 bombings in Pune, politicians in India were focused on counter-terrorism. "And as such he suggested that Pakistan present the Indian government with its plan to tackle terrorism," the cable said. Kerry told Gilani that this would be a clear "confidence builder" that would make India more willing to move forward in talks about Kashmir and water disputes. He emphasised that the future of India, Pakistan and the US depended on their governments' willingness to "challenge old suspicions" and work together and suggested that Pakistan and India sign a non-aggression pact.Kerry said that the US and other countries of goodwill would be prepared to help in any way possible.