KARACHI - A group comprising 149 participants including faculty members of National Defence University Islamabad led by Maj Gen Naveed Zaman on Thursday arrived at the Chief Ministers House, and attended briefing about functioning and performance of the Government of Sindh. Chief Minister Sindh welcomed the participants of the Defence University and informed them about aspects of political, economical representatives of province. Syed Qaim Ali Shah said that Sindh province was one of the important provinces of the country having rural oriented economy with progress in industrial sector in urban areas. Qaim Ali Shah added that the rural population depended on agriculture while the urban population depended on industrial, commercial and trade economy. To a question about the construction of Kala Bagh Dam, Qaim briefed the participants that distribution of water was an important issue in Pakistan, as after creation of Pakistan, two important rivers were diverted to India and distribution of water among four provinces was settled under 1991 accord which was made by the then Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif, and signed by four provincial govts. He added that the sea had intruded the valuable and precious lands of Sindh province, as there was no downstream flow of water since many years. Syed Qaim Ali Shah further said that according to the accord, 10 million acre feet water was compulsorily to be released down stream Kotri to save the Indus delta. He said that there was already shortage of water and in case of the construction of Kalabagh Dam, the economy of the country would be destroyed. Shah said that the Government had already decided that until and unless there was consensus of all provinces, the Kalabagh Dam could not be constructed. Regarding every project, Syed Qaim Ali Shah said that there were huge reservoirs resources of coal in the province with 82 billion tons of coal, which was being utilised for power generation. He added that the quality of coal as against Germany. Regarding issue of good governance, the Chief Minister Sindh said that the governance was through the support of people and present government had support of masses. Syed Qaim Ali Shah said that the Sindh Government had provided jobs to more than 60,000 un-employed youth within 2 years on merit and in transparent manner. He added that jobs had been provided to doctors, engineers, and really deserving, poor and needy youth have been given jobs. Syed Qaim Ali Shah maintained that the population of Karachi was rapidly increasing and at present the population had reached 20 million souls, with the result 10,000 new posts were created in police department so as to meet the challenges of law and order. Maj Gen Naveed Zaman thanked the Chief Minister Sindh and officers of Sindh Government for briefing the participants of the university.