WikiLeaks has caught the attention of every segment of society in the past week. To be truthful, we need no website nor any foreign leader to tell us what we Pakistanis know already. We, as a nation, are well aware that the rulers that have been imposed on us hold these positions of power because they are under obligation to uphold the interest of nations other than Pakistan. They have been put into the corridors of power due to infamous deals and to save their skin rather their ill-gotten wealth. It is, however, heartening to know that WikiLeaks has admitted that there is one leader in Pakistan, Imran Khan, Chairman of the Tehreek-i-Insaf, who is not under the influence of the USA. This acknowledgement should make the nation proud for whereas all other party leaders have been exposed and defamed as either 'dangerous like Nawaz Sharif, as according to his own chief of Army Staff General Pervez Musharraf he is 'farigh ul baal - a man without vision or 'corrupt as Mr Zardari is termed. While, leaders of the sort should hang their heads in shame, Imran Khan has done us proud. TALATH NAQVI, Lahore, November 2..