KHYBER AGENCY Two persons were killed and two others sustained bullet injuries in fresh skirmish between Zekha Khel Qaumi Lashkar and banned Lashkar-e-Islam in Narri Baba area of tehsil Landi Kotal, sources said on Friday. They said the clash erupted when volunteers of Zekha Khel peace lashkar launched an assault to get the possession of an important post of their opponents situated at Narri Baba mountain hills, far flung area of Tirah valley. The Zekha Khel peace lashkar succeeded to hold control of the post, however two of their fighters were killed, sources said. The killed persons included Aevraj, while the identity of the second person could not be ascertained. Two of their accomplices - Muslim Khan and Zarbat - were also wounded in the clash. The Zakha Khel lashker sources also claimed that one man of the banned LI had been arrested. The LI version on the fresh fighting could not be obtained due to lack of communication in Tirah valley. It is worth mentioning here that fighting among different factions in Tirah have caused loss of scores of precious lives for the last few years, besides hundreds of tribesmen have been displaced.