The President of the USA made a public announcement on 2nd May,2011 from his office in White House that Osama Bin Laden has been killed in an operation by the US forces in Abbottabad, Pakistan. This was a good news to the entire world by the President Barack Hussain Obama. It was further told to the world that OBL was living there with his three wives and 17 children in the Abbottabad Compound for the last many years. The Naval SEALs in the attacking helicopters took the dead body of OBL to some unknown place from where it was flown to a waiting ship in the Indian Ocean. The funeral and burial ceremony was carried out on the ship and OBL's dead body was dumped in the sea for reasons best known to the Americans.This statement of the American President and the disposal of the dead body of OBL was accepted by all the countries including Pakistan. It is however, very surprising that no one asked the evidence of his presencein Pakistanand his killing in the Abbottabad operation though video of this entire operation was being watched very closely by the key personnel of White House in Washington. There are a few questions on this mysterious operation. Why was the video not released to theworld to witness the end of the most wanted person of the world? Once OBL was reached by the US Commandos, why was he not arrested alive for interrogation whichcould have revealed many things about the Al-Qaida net work? If there was any resistance in the Abbottabad Compound, what weapons were recovered from the compound? The most feared and wanted person could not live there without adequate security arrangements. How is that the SEALs reached the 3rd floor and the bedroom of OBL without any resistance? All said and done, neither the dead body nor the family members of OBLwere shown to anyone.Why this secrecy was needed and why to make all this operation so mysterious that details were never released? The intelligentsia feels that it was all a drama staged by the USA to achieve some ulterior motives. Alternatively they must show the complete recordedvideo to the entire world. If they fail to give evidence ofOBL's presence in Pakistan or show his killing, we are justified to assume that the entire operation was fake and OBL died long time ago inAfghanistan during blasting of Tora Bora mountains. MUHAMMAD AZHAR KHWAJA, Lahore, December 1.