LAHORE The Punjab Bar Council has called for appointing 25 new judges in the Lahore High Court to provide relief on immediate basis to public and decide the cases of tens of thousands litigants suffering for last many years. The Bar Council has also demanded induction of new judges from amongst the legal fraternity in the province. Talking to Nation, councils Vice Chairman Lahrasib Khan Gondal said that litigants in the Lahore High Court were suffering due to the shortage of judges. There are only 35 judges including additional judges are performing their duties in the Lahore High Court while the constitutional strength of judges is 60. He told that LHC was the biggest court of the country; therefore, the number of its complainants was also almost doubled than high courts of other provinces. New induction of judges in LHC should be from lawyers community, Gondal said adding only experienced lawyers practicing in the LHC could deliver relief to public immediate basis.The disposal ratio of cases in LHC was already very slow, Gondal told. He pointed out that the additional judges were elevated from sessions courts and they were not delivering relief to litigants on immediate basis. Additional judges are just adjourning the cases and avoid to announce verdict at the spot till their confirmation Lahrasib Gondal alleged and said the high ratio of adjournments increasing the blockage of cases speedily. Lawyers had pointed out the 'progress of additional judges before the chief justice several times but in vain, Gondal said adding the appointment of new judges was a dire need.= Gondal warned that Lawyers will oppose strongly if the session judges will be elevated to LHC and. The recent experience of elevation of session judges to LHC has already disappointed the people and now the lawyers would not allow to do so, Gondal said and demanded that ninety percent of induction should be done from the seniors lawyers practicing throughout the Punjab. There were reports that LHC chief justice had started work to elevate at least 10 to 15 new judges in the LHC and breakup of elevation was reported as 6 lawyers from Lahore, Rawalpind, Multan or Bhawalpur would be elevated to LHC only and other seats would be filled by the elevation of session judges.Dozens litigants came daily from remote areas of the province but disappointed when they know that their cases adjourned yet again, Gondal lamented and pointed out that this situation loosing the trust of people on courts. Punjab Bar Council vice chairman said that if the chief justice wanted to clear the blockage of more than 150,000 pending cases than constitutional strength of judges of LHC should be filled. On the other hand, Justice Asad Munir of the Lahore High Court retired on Friday. A formal farewell was also held in his honor. He was appointed as additional judge on Sept 15, 2009. After his retirement, number of judges in the LHC will drop to 35 against constitutional strength of 60. LHC Chief Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed and other judges admired the services of Justice Munir and presented him bouquet.