I was just watching Dr Salman Shah on a private TV channel C42. He said the most ominous aspect of the economy todayis the plummeting investment to GDP ratio. No investment means no jobs for the young people. How can the young unemployed raise their families, buy food for them, send their children to school. We even shut our eyes to the clear advantage that we have. Kalabagh Dam can give us power at less than a rupee per unit, give a boost to industry and agriculture to give the multiple benefits of jobs. I said to my wife, now watch how the anchor person steers the discussion in some other direction, which is exactly what he did, afraidhe might get rapped on the knuckles for allowing the controversial Kalabagh Dam to hold centre stage, bad for the ratings. Every anchor person on every channel is heard talking at one time or the other about the misery of the people, the inflation, the unemployment, the 'this, the 'that, but not a word about what needs to be done. A veritable conspiracy of silence. Not a word that only a mega dam at the earliest can give us affordable power and ample water to get the wheels of industry moving again and flog some life back into the dead horse that is agriculture. We should condemn the political leaders with the Midas touch who have turned whole hordes of people into unthinking zombies. KHURSHID ANWER, Lahore, December 2.