ISLAMABAD - As per official figures, there is zero power shortfall at the moment and it is only due to change in weather as no single unit has been added in the system. Thus, the current situation (no power shortfall) can not sustain for long. An official of the Ministry said that at present the demand has significantly come down that has abolished power shortfall temporarily and the second thing is that there is some share coming from hydel resources. He said that the situation would not sustain for long as not a single unit has been added in the national gird and as soon as the hydel generation comes down due to closure of canals the power crisis will again be raising its head. The official said that if there is any project in pipeline that is not going to be completed soon so it seems that no power can be added in the system in the near future and for the long-term basis, the government still has taken no significant step that could be called as the solution in near future. Though the government is claiming that it has completed Mangla Dam Raising project but that is also controversial, as it has not gained the required height to generate extra electricity that the government is claiming. It is pertinent to mention here that a height of 1230 feet is required to generate 650 million extra units per annum that still has not been achieved and at present the government just has achieved the 1209 feet. As far as Basha or other dams are concerned that will take many years and the claim about Basha Dam inauguration is also vague as there are lot of steps that have to be taken such as payment of compensation money, awarding contract, availability of funds and many more. The official said that it seems for the short-term, the government has only one option as it has wasted too much time so only energy conservation is possible now that might help a little in coming days to avoid bigger energy crisis.