ISLAMABAD - With the Pakistan-Nato military ties are already at their lowest ebb, the Western military alliance is dubbing the militants as Pakistani Armys 'proxy fighters in Afghanistan. While the Afghan authorities deny any kind of territorial breach or involvement of the Pakistan Army in Wednesdays reported skirmishes between the militants and the Nato forces, the intelligence sources believe that the Nato officials claims regarding the clashes in Afghanistans Paktika province were tantamount to floating that militants were combating the allied forces to serve as a 'proxy for Pakistan. Talking to this scribe, Paktika government spokesperson Mukhlis Afghan denied that the Pakistani forces entered the Afghan province and clashed with the Nato troops. He said the clashes between the miscreants and the Nato and Afghan forces had intensified during the last two weeks or so but no cross-border confrontation involving security forces was ever reported in Paktika. The last two weeks were very tough. You know the Afghan Taliban, TTP, Qaeda and all that... But we have no evidence or reports that the Pakistan Army broke into our side of the border and clashed with forces, he said. Militants clashed with the Nato and Afghan forces at Dila, Jani Khel, Mata Khan and Sar Hawza in Paktika, the spokesperson said from Sharan, the capital of Paktika. The deteriorated ties between Pakistan and the US following Mohmand Agency attack worsened after a senior Nato official in Kabul claimed that the Pakistan security forces exchanged clashes in Paktika. This, sources believe, is an obvious accusation that Pakistan was protecting militants against Nato and that Pakistans interests are at odds with the allied forces in war on terror. An American newspaper had quoted Isaf Military Spokesperson in Afghanistan Brig Gen Carsten Jacobson as saying that a cross-border incident involving Nato and Pakistani forces was quickly defused early on Wednesday with no loss of life. The Pakistan Army denied any such incidents. When contacted, Brig Gen Carsten did not specifically comment on the Wednesdays purported incident. He also avoided speaking on the investigation into Nato incursion into Pakistan. We are working to eradicate misgivings and reservations of both the sides so as to avert the unfortunate incidents in future. Peace is all we need in Afghanistan, Pakistan or any part of the world. Pakistans cooperation in war against terrorism counts vital to us. Asked to comment on Pakistans reported reservations, the military spokesperson did not respond, saying: I do not wish to comment on speculations and assumptions. On Thursday, the Nato forces in Afghanistans Helmand province reportedly gunned down two Pakistanis who were reported to have entered Afghanistan from Pakistans Chagai district to collect woods. On this, Brig Gen Jacobson said that he was not privy to firsthand details about the incident. I can only get back on this after getting to know the exact details. Mohmand Agency Political Agent Amjad Ali Khan accused the US and Nato of making the things worse for them. They are the people who have picked confrontation by getting our men drenched in bloodbath and now they allege we clashed with them there (in Afghanistan). Theyre playing it dangerous not knowing that therere consequences, very potential consequences, he said. The political agent said Pakistan is the only feasible land route for Nato supplies to Afghanistan. Its only us, they need the most. The Russians have refused letting their land used for Nato supplies and forget about Iranians. Were all they have to rely on and annoying us means a lot too much trouble for them.