ISLAMABAD - The Supreme Court Registrar on Friday strongly denied the accusations by former law minister Babar Awan and other federal ministers regarding the presence of PML-Ns armed guards in the courtroom during the hearing of the memogate case and provision of protocol to the party leaders and termed these allegations absolutely baseless. A statement issued from the Supreme Court Registrar Office stated that such allegations should be avoided in future to maintain the dignity and esteem of the apex court. According to the statement, after the allegations which surfaced in the media, the CCTV footage was thoroughly watched which did not show any armed PML-N guard in the court room. The statement further said that the allegations of VVIP protocol to anybody were also untrue. All the visitors and petitioners were allowed entry to the court room after checking at the reception gate and visiting cards were issued to them, said the statement, adding, that nobody was allowed entry into the court room against the rules. It said experienced security officials have been deployed on the Supreme Court premises and strict directions given to them not to show favour to anybody. Terming the allegations of Babar Awan totally baseless and contrary to facts, the statement expressed the hope that such statements would be avoided in the future to ensure dignity and esteem of the Supreme Court.