LAHORE - The Punjab Education Department has directed all the government and private schools throughout the province to compulsorily provide the detailed programme regarding their educational and recreational tours in black and white to their respective District Education Officers. In addition to that, it would not only be mandatory for the school administration to get the written permission from the parents of the male and female students but would also the willingness of the parents for that matter have to be sought telephonically and that, too, would have to be added to the record. Taking strict notice of the loss of precious lives of the students consequent of incidents as a result of faulty educational and recreational tours programme, the Punjab Education Department has issued fresh directions for any such programme. Now it would be obligatory to inform the DCO and DPO of the area to be visited regarding the tour programme and the school administration would have to provide a copy of the same to the aforementioned officers. For any such programme, at least one teacher as supervisor would have to be deputed on every twenty students. All the students would put the identity cards issued by the educational institution in their neck during the tours. Such a programme would be allowed only after the availability of some appropriate transport, travel facilities, the completion of security arrangements and the clearance by the relevant DEOs. It has also been made compulsory for the tour incharge to have the telephone numbers of the hospitals and police stations in the vicinity of the route of the tour. In order to check the incidents such as the one near Kallar Kahar which claimed the lives of 39 students, the government has issued these instructions.