ISLAMABAD - Making it loud and clear not to attend joint sitting of the Parliament if declared in-camera, Leader of the Opposition Ch. Nisar Ali Khan charged the government of making mockery of the unanimous resolutions adopted by the Parliament, hence reducing the status of the apex Constitutional body as mere rubberstamp. Talking to media on the eve of launching of the Parliamentary Reporters Association at Parliaments cafeteria on Friday afternoon, he said that in future they would not extend to any resolution of the Parliament till the time the government come up with satisfactory response on the fate of the earlier unanimously adopted resolutions of the Parliament pertaining to the national security. To a question, Nisar said that Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani had never taken the Parliament into confidence on the memo controversy and it was him who had raised the memo issue on the floor of the Parliament on point of order and forced the PM to come up with a policy statement, which according to him was ambiguous and vague. Coming down hard on the ruling alliance, he said the ruling elite was in a habit of taking decisions somewhere else and then try to get it endorsed from the Parliament, which on a number of occasions they being the opposition had resisted. Justifying Mian Nawaz Sharifs step of taking the memo controversy to Supreme Court, he said that they were compelled to take this step after seeing the indifferent and casual attitude of ruling PPP towards the issue. Nisar further said that by taking the matter to SC they had not taken any extra-Constitutional step and on top of it they had not gone in apex court for some personal gain and it was all about the very serious issues relating to the national security. Justifying his decision to quit from the slot of Chairman Public Accounts Committee, he said that government had not only appointed their blue-eyed but a controversial person as Auditor General of Pakistan, who is supposed to be the eyes and ears of the PAC and questioned how one could deliver in such circumstances.Ch. Nisar said that now the PAC was to take up the audit paras pertaining to the incumbent govt and government did not want to see the irregularities exposed. He said that the audit objections pertaining to misappropriations of public money during the past three years rule of govt exceeded the amount of Rs 300 billion and expressed his resolve that his partys members in PAC would perform the duties of Opposition and would expose them. 'I personally would expose the major scams of the govt from time to time, he added. To a question, he strongly dispelled the impression of 'friendly Opposition and said that they had always played a role of vibrant and strong Opposition and it was due to their stand that they had not let the government passed DHA, Accountability and some other bills as per their wishes. He further said that even when they found that government was not allowing the Parliament function they came on streets and lodged their protest. Terming the formation of Parliamentary Reporters Association as good step, Ch. Nisar Ali Khan stressed the need of close liaison of reporters covering the Parliament with both ruling and Opposition parties for effective coverage of the Parliaments proceedings.