TARBELA GHAZI PML-N President Nawaz Sharif has termed Thursdays PPP press conference as a 'pack of lies and said he didnt point finger at any one nor he declared anyone as traitor during the hearing of memogate case in the Supreme Court. Speaking to media at Sarikot Ghazi in Haripur, Nawaz alleged that the current government was following the policies of former dictator Pervez Musharraf. He said the Musharraf government had signed a number of agreements after 9/11 and the results of those agreements could be seen today. However, he said his party was willing to help the government and the armed forces get out of these agreements. But at the same time he regretted that all the efforts to keep the government on track had failed. The government didnt resolve any of the problems facing the people. Nawaz said that democracy was being defamed and people were facing unprecedented price hike, joblessness, lawlessness while corruption was on its peak in the country, Country has been surrounded by the internal and external dangers; national honour and countrys independence was in grave threats. Speaking on the Memogate petition hearing, Nawaz said he had not pointed fingers at anyone nor he specifically named any one as being responsible for the grave matter of national security. He said he had taken the request to the court and informed them that such an incident had taken place and that it was a conspiracy against Pakistan. Nawaz said he had requested the court to conduct an inquiry to ascertain who was involved in the scandal. He said that the press conference by PPP leaders was 'regretful. He said he believed in the supremacy of parliament but a force was stopping Pakistans parliament from functioning independently so he had no other option except to knock the door of the court. Nawaz said that the parliament was not functional and was only passing resolutions. He added that the parliament was not going to do anything regarding that and any other scandal. Nawaz argued that opposition had played pivotal role in making the parliament functional but he regretted that parliament had never been taken on board on major national issues and government never implements parliament resolutions. The PML-N chief said that they would never let any one to make again any East India Company in the country. He said that they believed in the sovereignty and honour of the country and safeguarding it is the duty of the every Pakistani and that was why he went to the Supreme Court being a responsible citizen on the behalf of 180 million Pakistanis. Nawaz said an independent judiciary was his dream and now judiciary was working in an excellent manner. Replying to a question regarding the reopening of case regarding Air Martial (r) Asghar Khan which was laying pending in the court for last 15 years, Nawaz Sharif said that he believed in the independence and supremacy of Supreme Court and always respect it. He said that if there is free and independent judiciary no one can break the law. In response to the question regarding Haraza province, Nawaz said that he loves Hazara people and Hazaras also love him and it will be matter of pleasure for him if Hazara province is established, adding that the first chief minister of Hazara would also be from his party. The PML-N chief arrived here at the residence of PML-N provincial leader and former chief minister Pir Sabar Shah to condole with him death of his mother and sister.