LAHORE-While declaring as illegal the apex courts order regarding constitution of judicial commission on memo issue, Punjab Governor, Sardar Latif Khosa on Friday announced to launch 'save federation movement from Punjab, maintaining that conspiracies were being hatched against the federation. I see a conspiracy against federation yet again which is originating from Punjab once again, the governor said while addressing a news conference at Governors House along with two provincial heads of the PPP Punjab, Makhdoom Shahabuddin and Imtiaz Safdar Warraich who were there to show solidarity with the governor. Khosa said that three dead bodies [of Bhuttos] had already been sent to Sindh from Punjab and preparations were underway to send a fourth one [that of Asif Ali Zardari]. President Zardari is not only an elected president, he is also a symbol of federation, he maintained, and also agreed with a questioner that a conspiracy was being cooked up against Asif Ali Zardari to hang him on the pattern of Z.A Bhutto. Replying to a question, Latif Khosa said that movement to save federation has been launched today, while PPP organisations both from central and southern Punjab would hold meetings at tehsil and district levels to give impetus to the movement. Different party cadres would interact with the media and people at large to apprise them of the conspiracies against the federation, he replied when asked about the modus operandai of the campaign. He said the movement which the PPP was going to launch from today was also meant to uphold supremacy of the Parliament and the Constitution. He opined that Parliament was so supreme that it could undo decisions of the Supreme Court using its legislative powers. To a question, he said that President and the governors enjoyed immunity from prosecution. During the course of his news conference, Khosa bitterly criticised PML-N chief, Mian Nawaz Sharif for taking the memo issue to the Supreme Court and latters decision to form a judicial commission to probe the matter. The governor, who is also a legal wizard, was of the opinion that there was no justification for constitution of a commission in the presence of parliamentary committee already in place for the purpose. He termed SC verdict as illegal and a direct interference in the domain of the Parliament, saying only government had the authority to form commission. He said Tariq Khosa was appointed head of the commission without consulting the federal government. Believing that SC was overstepping its jurisdiction, the governor further said that courts were bound to take decisions within the ambit of written laws. The courts should follow the due process of law under article-10 of the Constitution, he said, adding, We [Pakistan] are regulated under the codified law and not the common law unlike some other countries, he remarked. Though the governor did not say it directly, but he tried to give the impression in his media talk that judiciary and the PML-N leaders were in collusion to hang the president through court decision and to harm the federation in this way. He also seemed in agreement with a reporter who asked if he agreed with the statement that institutions were doing politics behind PML-N and vice versa. He alleged that Nawaz Sharifs party was doing politics to using judiciary as crutches. Speaking about the memo controversy, the governor said that after the May 2 incident, army was highly demoralised as it had become a subject of public criticism for its failure to pre-empt the strike. How could the army establishment think of toppling the government at a time when it had been put in an embarrassing situation and was struggling to improve its image, he asked, adding that government did not need to send such a communication to the American general in those circumstances. Coming to the PML-N leaders, governor Khosa said that Go Zardari Go campaign and the talk of his open hanging at Bhaati Chowk was a fit case of high treason against chief minister Punjab under Article-6 of the Constitution. When asked why the PPP government was not approaching the court to try Shahbaz Sharif for its utterances, he only contented to say: Whenever we went to the courts on any issue, you people are aware of the outcome Khosa accused judiciary of doing selective accountability [of the PPP] while at the same time condoning the wrongdoings of PML-N leaders. He questioned why the SC was not taking up Asghar Khans petition for hearing against Nawaz Sharif who accepted money from ISI to confront the PPP. He said while the SC restored first government of Mian Nawaz Sharif, it did not restore those of Benazir Bhutto and Muhammad Khan Junejo, thereby showing its bias for Sharif brothers.