ISLAMABAD - The upper house of the parliament on Friday unanimously passed a resolution condemning the Nato attack on Pakistani checkposts, declaring it a 'barbaric, 'totally intolerable assault on countrys sovereignty. The resolution, passed against the Nato airstrike in Mohmand Agency on Nov 26 which resulted in martyrdom of 24 Pak soldiers and injuries to 15 others, declared the attack as contrary to the UN charter and all other international laws. The resolution moved by Leader of the Opposition in Senate Abdul Ghafoor Haidri and backed by all the other senators read: This house strongly condemns the Nato aggression. It is an attack on sovereignty and integrity of the country and the entire nation is grieved. This barbaric act is totally intolerable. It is not first such attack on Pakistan forces as similar events have been taken place in the past too. Hence, this house does not accept this excuse of Nato that the attack was a result of some kind of misunderstanding. Besides an early implementation of unanimous resolutions of the parliament of Oct 22, 2008 and May 13, 2011, the resolution demanded to resist such kinds of attacks in future in every possible way. The Nato strike dominated Fridays house proceedings with majority of the lawmakers asking the government to review Pakistans relations with the US. Though the session was convened to discuss the memogate issue it was decided in the Business Advisory Committee meeting to also discuss Nato attacks. Opening the debate, Leader of the Opposition Abdul Ghafoor Haideri fully endorsed governments decisions to stop supply to Nato forces, vacate Shamsi Airbase and boycott of Bonn Conference. However, he urged the government to stick with the decisions taken in this regard. The government decisions reflect peoples aspirations, he added. Haideri said that Nato airstrike is not only blatant violation of countrys integrity and sovereignty but also the United Nations charter. He said that this is highly deplorable act on part of Nato forces. He said his party, JUI-F, was against the government decision to become frontline state against the war in terror from the day one but no one paid heed to their stance. He said that US always betrayed Pakistan in hour of trail and imposed sanctions during Indo-Pak wars of 1965 and 1971. He urged to walk out of the US war saying the country has suffered a lot in this war. Salim Saifullah Khan, parliamentary leader of PML-Q (Likeminded) stressed that Pakistan should review its terms of engagement with US. Haji Adeel Ahmed, the parliamentary leader of Awami National Party (ANP) said that the Bonn Conference would serve no purpose in the wake of Nato attacks. On one hand US talks about investigating the incident without seeking apology and on the other hand it is saying that the findings of the inquiry will not be made public, he added. The House also offered fateha for the Pakistan military soldiers who were martyred in Mohmand Agency during a Nato strike. On the memo issue, Haidri said that writing of such a letter to US was tantamount to disloyalty with the country and any one guilty should be brought to book. The stance of Haji Adeel Ahmed on memo issue was different as he severely lashing out at the apex court and military establishment said that for the first time in the history of Pakistan a government servant resigned from his post just over allegations. He said that no resignation came on the incidents of US forces operation in Abbottabad and attack on PNS Mehran Naval Base. ISI Chief Shuja Pasha just asked Parliament whether or not he should resign. Haji Adeel remarked that it was strange that SC was demanding guarantee from Husain Haqqani for not leaving the country despite his personal assurance. He said that military establishment was not happy with him for his criticising armys role in his book and inserting a certain term in the Kerry Lugar Bill regarding the interference of military into the affairs of democratic set up. He also criticised the role of Mansoor Ijaz, saying that he was the culprit as he had already admitted his guilt. This needs to investigated from where Mr Ijaz got funding, he added. He also condemned ISI chief for having a meeting with Ijaz without getting permission from the prime minister. He urged that the matter needs to be investigated but they would neither permit sabotaging democracy in veil of these investigations nor imposition of Bangladesh model.