Blatant and deliberate attack by NATO helicopters on a Pakistans military check post in Mohmand Agency on November 26, which led to martyrdom of over two dozen soldiers, leaves no doubt as regards real American intent against Pakistan. Reasons are simple. It is frustration borne by virtual American military collapse in Afghanistan. Failure in Vietnam led to targeting Cambodia. Today Pakistan provides an apt alternative of Cambodia to US Administration. The US Administration needs to find some scapegoat. After Osama bin Laden, they found Haqqani Network and Pakistan to demonise in the eyes of the international public. To remind the readers, this is not the first American attack of the kind. According to media report, they have crossed into Pakistan more than ten times. Till date, 72 Pakistani soldiers have embraced shahadat in these incidents and about 250 were wounded. Why does the business as usual continues in social and political circles of the country when the Americans have crossed all limits? Tactical gallantries cannot cover up strategic blunders. There are hosts of non military and military, direct and indirect tools of policy and strategy that can be employed to tame the American arrogance. Thus, to undo the policy failures, we need to carve out a policy level response. (a) The decision to stop Nato supplies through Pakistan should not be reviewed in the days ahead. Let Nato (read Americans) use other routes e.g. Northern Distribution Network (NDN) and pay the price to Russia. We may allow Nato supplies to pass through Pakistan only when they wind up from Afghanistan to go back home. (b) It is welcome decision to ask the Americans to vacate Shamsi Airbase. However, we must also pull the plug on all other facilities, being used by the Americans to support their war in Afghanistan or Pakistan. (c) Americans must be told squarely that we do not tolerate the drone attacks anymore. Some in national and international media and policy circles are arguing that American attack on Salala Post was beyond the ISAFs UN mandate i.e. they cannot operate outside Afghanistan. Dont they see that the Americans have been violating the UN mandate since 2004 by means of drone attack? But who would bell the cat? Has anyone ever considered taking the case to the UN Security Council for blatant violation of International laws, human rights and UN Charters? (d) American presence and intrusion in Pakistan must also be ceased. Headcount of Americans in Pakistan with their purpose of presence must be known and recorded. What if a Pakistani had been caught in the US taking pictures of military installation? He would have been dragged in secret cells of CIA without even a right to trial. How can, then, the Americans do all that in Pakistan and still live on intrepidly. (e) No more cover or protection must be provided to the Americans in Pakistan. Protected by Pakistans security forces, they enter Afghanistan only to fly back and hit our soldiers and innocent citizens. Sixth, cooperation in the field of intelligence must cease. The Pakistanis found to be collaborating with the US must also be brought to the book. (f) Boycott Bonn Conference. (g) Limit interaction with US/ Nato leadership, officials and dignitaries whether military or political. (h) Draw and define a clear line where our fight finishes with militants and where it is theirs and lets not be too enthusiastic ally in their war they can never be our true ally as proved historically on numerous occasions. (i) Announce reconciliation with disgruntled tribesmen starting with unilateral ceasefire asserting that none is allowed to pick up arms within Pakistan or go beyond border. Anyone going across the border would also be considered to be crossing national red line and would be dealt with by the book. (j) Announce signing and pursuing Iran Pakistan gas pipeline as a sign of independent foreign policy decision. (k) Say no to American aid. (m) Reinvigorate international interaction. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has already emphasised the unacceptability of violating our sovereignty. Turkish Foreign Ahmet Davutoglu Minister has termed the incident as unprovoked and totally unacceptable. Chinese foreign office spokesperson has stated that China is deeply shocked over the attack on Pakistani troops. Secretary General of the OIC Professor Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu has strongly condemned attack. EHSAN MEHMOOD KHAN, Islamabad, November 29.