LAHORE In another major development in the backdrop of NATOs unprovoked aerial assault on Pakistani border outpost in Mohmand Agency (FATA) which left 24 Pak army officers martyred and wounded many others, a planned tripartite meeting on the future of Afghanistan has been cancelled, it was reliably learnt on Friday. A top official in the Foreign Ministry disclosed to The Nation that apart from Taliban representatives, senior officials from Afghanistan, US and Pakistan had to attend the tripartite meeting or 'Core Group meeting to approve 'Peace Formula prior to presenting it in the Bonn Conference. Sources revealed that the tripartite meeting had been planned where actually the drafts for Peace Formula after withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, was to be approved. After getting it approved in the tripartite meeting, it was planned to table the 'Peace Formula in the Bonn Conference. 'Since this tripartite meeting is not being held, therefore, there would hardly be any use of attending the Bonn Conference, a senior official from the Ministry confirmed on Friday, requesting his identity not to be revealed because he was not authorised to discuss such sensitive matters before the media. He also emphasised that the governments decision not to take part in Bonn Conference to be held on December 5th, is irreversible as China, Russia and Iran have been taken into confidence in this regard. Foreign Ministers from 90 countries of the world are expected to attend the meeting next week. Political and defence experts have already regarded the unprovoked and indiscriminate aerial assault by NATO at border outposts as criminal act of aggression against Pakistan. 'The episode has not only saddened the whole nation including political and military leadership but has earned the emotional revulsion and repugnant rage of every Pakistani. The entire nation has collectively expressed its annoyance and frustration on loss of precious lives through such malicious and belligerent act of aggression, the experts said. According to them, there are signs of US falling prey to strategic temptations of swindling with the natural resources of Afghanistan and Central Asian States. US may not be interested to withdraw troops from Afghanistan and making plans to remain in the region with potent military influence to check influence of China and Russia. The incident saw a unique sense of cohesion and unity among all segments of Pakistani society. Defence Committee of Cabinet under the chairmanship of Prime Minister decided to shut down supply line of US-led foreign troops in Afghanistan, calling upon the US to vacate Shamsi Airbase within 15 days, while stringent protests were launched at diplomatic channels both in Islamabad and Washington. Experts also suggested that Pakistans defence capability should not be underestimated and Islamabad should not be pushed to the corner. Repeat action of such aggression will have serious consequences, according to defence experts, who also recommended to the govt to be firm on blocking NATO supplies till US/NATO show their behaviour modification with positive response. Pakistans decision to boycott the Bonn Conference on Afghanistan, where tricky issues of withdrawal of troops and dialogue with Taliban are scheduled to take place, is really a positive step. People across Pakistan took to the streets protesting against NATO strikes and shouting slogans against US. Although US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and NATO Commanding General have expressed their condolences for the martyrs, yet so far, there has been no apology from US/NATO of such a tragic incident. Following countrywide protests, the experts believe that Pakistani nation is ready to offer any sacrifice to protect its sovereignty and on such matters the nation stands united. It is also important to mention here that the friends of Pakistan including OIC and China have expressed their solidarity with Pakistan, terming the NATO aerial attacks as aggression against Pakistans sovereignty. Since this senseless and detrimental act of aggression took place, the feelings of hatred against US and NATO are getting strengthened across Pakistan.