WASHINGTON - The US is the largest donor in Pakistan and has provided over USD 1.1 billion to Islamabad as civilian assistance in 2011, according to a White House fact sheet. The US is the largest bilateral donor in Pakistan. We provided USD 1.1 billion in 2011 as civilian assistance to help the country address energy challenges, foster economic growth, stabilise border regions and improve civilian governance, the White House said yesterday. A fact sheet on US relations with the European Union, issued by the White House, said a stable, tolerant, prosperous and democratic Pakistan is in both of their long-term interests. On Afghanistan, the fact sheet said the US, EU and other European donors provided the majority of funding. for the countrys stabilisation, promotion of democratic governance and its transition to a sustainable economy. In 2011, US provided USD 2.5 billion to Afghanistan as civilian assistance, the fact sheet said. While the emphasis has been on building capacity and ensuring transparency within the Afghan government, US efforts have also focused on empowering women by increasing their access to healthcare, education and facilitating involvement in economic and political activity, it said.