LAHORE - President Asif ali Zardari once again showing flexibility has asked party leaders not to be aggressive against the judiciary and the army. According to the sources, he asked party leaders not to target the army and the judiciary. The situation became tense after fiery press conference of PPP leader Babar Awan and a statement from the Presidency declaring Zardari a spiritual son of Bhutto. The sources said that a message was conveyed to President Zardari from a dignitary that being emotional would be harmful for him. It is better for him that confrontation among institutions should be avoided and court orders should not be ridiculed. The sources further revealed that PPP 'eagles have been directed to remain in their limits. It is also learnt that President Zardari has directed PM Gilani to cool down the situation and make the army and the judiciary realise that PPP was not a threat for them. The sources further conceded that government would adopt tough stance against Nato and ISAF forces.