LAHORE - Minhajul Quran Supreme Council President Dr Hassan Mohi-ud-Din Qadri has said that thousands of unemployed youth have taken to the streets against the corrupt system and the hour of change is drawing near.

Addressing the participants of a demonstration organised by Mustafvi Students Movement outside the Press Club on Sunday, he said that the youth of today was not only alive but also aware of their rights. The participants were carrying the the flags and placards inscribed with word change.

Qadri said return of Dr Tahirul Qadri to Pakistan would be instrumental in bright future for the youth, prestige and honour for the country as he would launch a struggle for peaceful change with a view to saving the country from current and potential crises.

He said December 23 would replace darkness with light and provide prosperity and stability to the crisis-stricken nation. He said that the people of Lahore would decorate the City in such a manner that the entire world would come to know that their real leader and a saviour had come.

He said the ruling elite, who killed the desires of youths and decimated their future, had plunged the country into chaos and disorder. He said that the status quo would not continue as youth imbued with the passion of nationalism were ready to demolish this idol through peaceful and democratic change.