The Balochistan Assembly remains the scene of political unrest and uncertainty as Speaker of the House, Aslam Bhootani refused to hold the forthcoming session on Monday stating that in the light of the Supreme Court’s interim order, the provincial government has lost its right to hold office. But the backdrop to the crisis is even scarier; the law and order situation of the province has almost crumbled. The agencies as well as the police and the provincial government have been repeatedly upbraided for failing to stem the rot that is stoking violence. And as things stand, there has been no improvement; in fact with each passing day, the situation deteriorates. The very fact that the members of the government ruling over the province have been fighting slanging matches, where the effort should have been focused on restoring peace explains why the state of security seems to have reached the point of no return.

It is here that the federal government should think what it should be doing. It should not be merely sit back as a silent spectator. The constitutional or the legal aspects must be clarified but the very reason why the crisis has arisen which is the provincial setup failing as a dysfunctional unit must also be addressed. Unless security is restored, political stability cannot be achieved.