LAHORE – By-elections for two National Assembly and five Punjab Assembly constituencies will be held tomorrow (Tuesday) while 61 candidates will test their popularity among the electorate.

For by-election in NA-107, Gujrat-IV, 12 candidates are in the race. Major contenders are PML-Q-PPP joint candidate, Rehman Naseer Chaudhary, and PML-N contestant, Muhammad Hanif Malik.

A total of 11 candidates are vying to grab NA-162, Sahiwal-III. The major contenders are Chaudhry Zahid Iqbal of PML-N, Rai Hassan Nawaz, independent contender but associated with PTI and PPP-PML-Q joint contestant, Mehr Muhammad Ali Farid Kathiya.

Six candidates are in the race for PP-26, Jhelum-III, PML-Q-PPP jointly fielded, Muhammad Arif, from this constituency, while PML-N awarded the ticket to a non-party man due to differences among the central, provincial and local leaders.

Raja Muhammad Afzal is contesting the by-polls with the blessing of PML-N high command whereas Chaudhry Khadim Hussain, another PML-N leader, is also in the race with the support of the provincial leadership. According to local leaders, prominent groups of the PML-N are expected to back Raja Afzal.

A total of 12 contenders are in the field for PP-92, Gujranwala-II. The main contestants are PPP-PML-Q jointly fielded, Lala Asad Ullah Papa, and PML-N’s Muhammad Nawaz Chohan.

Chaudhary Ansar Iqbal Baryar, PML-Q and PPP joint candidate, and Chaudhry Mohsin Ashraf of PML-N are among the six candidates in PP-129, Sialkot-IX.

Four candidates are contesting the by-election for PP-133, Narowal-II. The major contenders are Chaudhry Umar Sharif Ahmed, joint candidate of PML-Q and PPP and Dr Naimat Ali Javed of PML-N.

Major candidates from PP-226, Sahiwal-VII, are Nasim Iqbal as PML-Q and PPP joint candidate and PML-N’s Muhammad Hanif. In addition, eight independent contenders are also in the run.