KHARIAN CANTT - Federal Information and Broadcasting Minister Qamar Zaman Kaira said that democracy always derailed from the President House in the past that's why President Asif Ali Zardari opted for the 'bed of thorns' to safeguard the fledgling democracy in the country. "Had Asif Ali Zardari not been a political President the democracy would have been sent packing after former PM Yousuf Razal Gilani's decision," he claimed. Talking to the media persons here on Sunday, Kaira dispelled the "impression" that President Asif Ali Zardari was holding dual offices, saying that Musharaf had held two offices - one of Chief of Army Staff and the other of President. He pointed out that the PPP was not registered with the Election Commission of Pakistan and that President Asif Ali Zardari had contested elections on the ticket of Pakistan People's Party (Parliamentarian). When a dictator was allowed to hold two offices why hue and cry is being made against a democratically elected President who is just holding a political office to protect democracy against any 'ambush,'" Kaira argued. The federal minister stressed that the PPP was a big party which had its roots among the masses and it was not consisted of some families or persons. "We contested elections when Shaheed Benazir was in exile," he added. To a question, Mr Kaira said that the government was not opposed construction of Kalabagh Dam but wanted to start only those projects on which there was no any difference. We want national consensus on all issue and decision on any such project will be made after a consensus among all provinces," he elaborated. Mr Kaira emphasised that when Constitution can be restored with unity then KBD may also be constructed by developing a national consensus to strengthen the federation.Student goes missing: A Class 9th student who left for school in the morning has gone missing three weeks ago and no headway could be made to locate him so far. Shahabal, father of the student, a resident of Chak 188/GB informed the Rajana Police that his 14-year-old son namely M Khalid, a Class-9th student left for school in the morning some three weeks ago and had not returned since then. He told that he had searched him everywhere but found no clue of his son so far.He requested the police to help him locate his son.