It was very shocking and horrible to see Owais Baig’s death on our TV screens all day long. His death showed the most inhuman side of our society. The terrible part is that when he was hanging from the window, there were several people standing below him, there were rescue workers and our local police as well as passers by. The media was also present and no one raised a finger to help the twenty seven year old youth? Our rescue teams do not have any nets, a very common tool that is used to save people when they jump in case of fire? In a country where there are millions of cars on the roads, each worth at least Rs 250,000 or above, the government could not afford to provide nets or tarpaulin for rescue? Did no one think of holding a sheet or curtains to help break his fall? We have to be more responsible on all levels and avoid such useless loss of life in future. Fire regulations and fire escape in all buildings should be mandatory.


Azad Kashmir, December 1.