The western media reported the beheading of Peter Cassig, a young American aid worker who had been kidnapped last year. The young man’s beheading, with over a dozen Syrian soldiers is reported to be done by Doulat-e-Islami (I.S) and the west is now propagating his killing as a Jihad spirit or culture of Islam, all this is done to defame Islam. While blaming Muslim fanatics for the killings Obama and the western media conveniently forget that ISIS was created with funding and training by US, Saudi Arabia and Israel for this very purpose and they should be called Christian terrorists not Muslim terrorists.

We all remember the blame game in 1979, when propaganda was launched through BBC documentary for the ‘Islamic Bomb’ threat for the same millennium agenda. When Burmese Buddhists massacred Muslim Rohingya, did they call it the Buddhist terrorism? No, not at all, Aung San Suu Kyi the ‘promoter of democracy and peace,’ winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, who is not only formally responsible for the killing but has indirectly encouraged them, is seen kissing Obama, another ‘champion’ of peace.

The West is using the blame game to defame Islam; it was they who created Jihadist to fight in Afghanistan against Russians, it was they who created and financed Osama bin Laden, it was they who created ISIS and who are even now refusing to stop financing them, as long as they fight against America’ enemy Assad. When will the Muslim Ummah wake up and put a stop to such propaganda against a religion which propagates peace?


Karachi, November 18.