For a long time I have been wondering how much harm our education institutes are doing by teaching science subjects, written in English, particularly at the Intermediate and Bachelor levels, either in the local language or Urdu. When all prescribed books are in English, all questions and tests, as well as assessments are done in English why do teachers speak and teach this subject in Urdu? How will our students learn English if not from their class rooms? The medium of teaching cannot be any other language but English. Adopting some other language would be shirking one’s duty.

I would like to request the higher authorities of the Higher Education Department (HED) of all the provinces to direct all the colleges and professors not to use Urdu, or any other languages while teaching science subjects. We complain that our students are weak in English but when we, as teachers, have not familiarised them with the language in the colleges, how can they show competence in English?


Charsadda, November 27.