Joblessness is increasing in Pakistan. Competitive exams are the last hope for the poor, hardworking, needy, meritorious, deserving and able section of society in such a expensive and corruption-riddled time where string-pulling, nepotism, favoritism, and cronyism is rampant. With already exposed negative performance of Sindh Government, another incomprehensible decision of snatching the right of recruitment of post BPS-16 and BPS-17 from SPSC is imposed and taken into own ambit. PCS (Provincial Civil Services) examination for Sindh was announced in June 2013, but as yet has to be taken. Recently, a cunning decision was come up with that NTS would take all such competitive exams. After 10 days, CM signed the summary; Sindh government will fill all the vacant positions for 16 and 17 grade. As if, it was a preplanned conspiracy against SPSC because the current Chairman of SPSC refused to pass some favorite candidates of the party in power.

Falling graph and failed-management of ruling party in Sindh has exposed their nefarious design, because they already know their future in upcoming elections. So, it is an effort to recruit favorites rather selling posts to make as much money as one they can before suspension of government’s period. Elite class encourages this legislation as they can easily afford the price of order to be sold. It doesn’t matter that a gazetted officer is unable to write an application or even his own name. It seems government is bent on killing merit. This step will increase unemployment and enrage the already frustrated youth.

Punjab government enhances the merit and taking CCE –exams regularly. Ironically, Sindh government has closed the last door of getting job for candidates who believe in hard work and transparency. Is anybody there to ask?


GUJRATI, Jhuddo, November 28.